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Bedroom Interior Design Ideas for a Modern Farmhouse Interior- DIY Home Decor

Wooden bedroom interior design

Space for Small Areas

Shiplap bedroom interior design

Here we have an elegant bedroom interior design that has used concept of shiplapping. Incredibly, this large open concept white bedroom is only 170 square feet in size. How to create a room that appears larger than it actually is? By painting the shiplapped interior walls all the same bright white.

Stockpiling for Small Spaces A clothing and accessories rack will add function and style to a small bedroom or a closet that is lacking. As a temporary linen closet, place a trunk or blanket chest at the foot of the bed.

Variations in Context

Initiate by shading your walls and edging a bright white. A rug and an upholstered headboard can add graphic patterns. As a final touch, all-white sheets on top of the bed make the patterns brighter even more. Tips: Keep the look tailored and sophisticated by choosing pieces with related colors and textures tones. This bedroom interior design looks very vibrant and it suits people who love more colors in the room

An Old Headboard Restored

An old door turned on its side makes a great headboard. Assemble a simple modern bedroom and attach your door directly to the wall. A nice touch of bedroom decor ideas combined with bedroom accessories can do wonders for your home too.

Assembled Bedside Bookshelf

bookshelf interior design

Here is a more magical type bedroom interior design that involves a bookshelf. Think about replacing your bedside table with a slender built-in bookcase in a small bedroom instead of one that takes up a lot of space on the floor. However, the space-saving nook also offers a display area for a variety of decorative elements, vintage finds, and bedroom-perfect houseplants.

Colorful Pops of Style

bedroom interior colorful design

A fresh coat of white paint on all the wall surfaces and trim creates the perfect backdrop for colorfully painted decor and illustration framed art to stand out. As the centerpiece of this cheerful California bedroom, a green painted four-poster bed towers over everything else, while the vintage art adds even more color.

Accents in Natural Woods

woody bedroom interior design

When it comes to decorating an all-wooden bedroom, numerous people have an idea of what to do. With a variety of shades of wood to choose from, their airy California cottage master suite is awash in soft and pretty rustic bedding and decorated plank walls. If you’re looking to add some color to your space, consider replacing the original wardrobe doors and installing black oak herringbone flooring as well as a rustic pine bench. It was simple to hang a vintage monogrammed textile as bedroom curtains.

Neutrals with Textures

A comforting grasscloth was used on the wall surfaces of this Georgia bedroom, and a braided headboard and wicker basket tray layout on the wall provided additional layers of texture.

Headboard Major Bedroom Interior Design

As an added effect in an otherwise neutral room, this Mississippi farmhouse’s bedroom features a charcoal bed frame inspired by an old door.

Comfortable Designer Materials

majestic interior design

It was important to the designer to create a cocoon-like atmosphere in this room. There is a lot going on in the master bedroom of this Alabama cabin: long drapes, a tufted headboard, dark colors and patterns, and a variety of mixed colors on walls.

On a slope, Shiplap

There is a lot to love about the white shiplap walls of this California bedroom, especially how they slope inward while maintaining a space above the bed. It is enhanced by the soft shadows created by the laser-cut bedroom lanterns at night.

Bring out the Heirlooms

vibrant bedroom interior

To begin with, the red-orange paint color of these French doors was influenced by a hand-stitched bedspread made by this East Alabama house owner. Another accurate historical touch is the Laredo iron bed, which reignites the sweetness of the visual floral motif by adding some heft.

Taking Over the Floral Prints

To balance the room’s frill factor, the 1970s-era oak bed provides a handsome counterpoint to the overall aesthetic of the tiny home.

Sedentary Harmony

In order to create the greatest he-and-she-shed, this Maine cottage’s owners converted a storage unit still on the estate. The cozy quarters are now attached to the main residence and feature a queen-size bed and headboard flanked by custom floating nightstands. Light is provided by small lamps and a homemade single-bulb pendant, and a custom-made lumbar pillow made from Indian textiles makes the room appear larger.

Getaway in a Log cabin Bedroom Interior Design

bedroom rustic interior

Iron bed originally from a guest room in a main building was used as the focal point of this Nashville log cabin. The pillow’s material, bark cloth, is appropriately named for its habitat. This bedroom features a very magnificent farmhouse chandelier design.

Nature’s Viewpoints

bedroom interior design

No doubt, the guest bedroom in this Maine home is tiny, but the view points more than make up for that. It has a beautiful view of the forest and trees in the backyard. Small enough to hold a bud vase, a cell phone, and a coffee cup, the table was given to the owner by her mother.

Choose Colors

It’s no secret that Creator isn’t afraid of color. Four-poster bed in seafoam green with bright blue comforter and wallpaper with patterns.

It’s time for spring!

Use vibrant patterns and colors to breathe new life into an old space. For example, an antique whitewashed bed with a chippy whitewashed bedspread adds character to the room while keeping feminine prints from feeling overly snobby. On the other hand, unexpected details, such as an old hat mold on the table, can make an otherwise bland space feel warm and inviting.

Embraced Art Show Bedroom Interior Design

Because this California homeowner didn’t want to pare down his or her collection of artworks, they created an expansive gallery wall that extends from the ceiling to the floor.

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