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Modern Farmhouse Wall Art and Large Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas for You

Modern Farmhouse Wall Art and Large Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

A farmhouse theme will not be very nice looking if it doesn’t contain modern farmhouse wall art decor on all suitable walls. Therefore it is a must to think about wall decoration while you are designing your home and all the country home decor items that you are going to buy. When you want to decorate your walls with a minimum number of wall art, it is best to have large farmhouse wall decor for a wall. A well tuned farmhouse style decoration room will be the perfect way to construct your dream home design. You don’t need to go to the stores to buy all the necessary things for this purpose. You can always use what you find in your own home to give your home a good farmhouse home interior design. You can use old wood and rusted metal pieces and construct them into farmhouse wall decals or some unique house decor items. These will become very nice rustic decor when you are done with designing them. You can actually prepare some large farmhouse wall decor items with just these old and worn out useless things you find in your garage and have a very beautiful country-style home theme.

Animals in a rural farm, like chicken, cows and goats and farm equipment like windmills, rusted trucks and the buildings itself like farmhouse barns are the best inspirations for choosing modern farmhouse wall art because they can be used in multiple combinations for primitive wall art. You can decorate your farmhouse living room with correctly positioned country wall art for living room. Make sure you will be using the maximum space in your desired decoration room with other decor items after you choose the farmhouse style wall art you will be using. Mixing the design items with different material build will be important when you want to have the ultimate rustic home decor theme. After that, even from the instant you step into this room, even your guests, will feel the elegance and the freedom of a real rural farmhouse with a modern touch.

Extra Big FLOWER WALL Decor, 100% HAND-PAINTED. Skilled artist’s work. These are not canvas prints, but rather authentic plum flower painted artwork with space filled in the brush strokes and the mixing of real pigment. IDEA FOR WALL DECORATION. Flower artwork is ideal for use in the family room, kitchen area, bedroom, bathroom, office, or as a point of focus at the end of a long hallway. They’re ideal for giving as gifts. For a gallery-worthy look, large blue wall art is draped around a natural wood frame.

This beautiful large farmhouse wall art will give your wall a very welcoming and warm look with the natural beauty embedded in it. This will be one of the best modern farmhouse wall art you will be purchasing for your home as it gives out the perfect natural and rustic aura that you will experience in a rural countryside. This non framed canvas wall art is suitable for any of your house rooms like your living room, bathroom or the kitchen. You might even keep it on your bedroom wall too.

When you want to get that ultimate classical country room paintings designs, this is your best option. This countryside room paintings design consist of three separate units which, when combined will provide you with a single large farmhouse wall decor with a very beautiful look. This farmhouse canvas wall art is amazingly attractive because it shows a night time scene where a boat is sailing in a river which is a very common sight in the countryside. See how cool this farmhouse art looks like on your home wall.

The look this farmhouse canvas art gives when blended with your elegant home decor is amazing. You will feel very peaceful when you look at this type of farmhouse style paintings.

A very rustic-looking farmhouse decor wall art with a picture of a red vintage truck in the countryside. This is the ultimate scenery of a farmhouse front yard and now you can get that feel into your living room with this modern farmhouse wall art design. Make your living room have a colorful wall with this wall drawing. Red truck wall drawing is suitable for even the kitchen because it can blend well with kitchen pantry decor items. As you can see in the above house interior design, the wall art blends so well with the country style curtains on either side. This is wonderful because you have to use curtains in all of your rooms and these farmhouse paintings on canvas will be excellent to blend with all your curtain ideas.

An abstract 3-piece modern farmhouse painting with 3 main colors. Blue, grey and gold colors combined in different objects which provides a very natural and attractive look to a wall. This large canvas prints item is very good for the living room and the bedroom walls. You might even do your room interior design after looking at the color combinations of this magnificent wall art. The above living room interior design contains blue color walls with gold color sofa set with grey color cushions, which are the exact colors of the wall art.

This is a very ancient and rustic looking real farmhouse framed art that shows a fence around a farm and a leafless tree. It is suitable for bedroom wall decor as well. You are selecting this farm canvas wall art for the pure countryside look it contains and it is a good decision for sure. Anyone will feel the vintage look and feeling that persists in your home when they look at this wall hanging decor. It is very rare to find a wall hanging decor item this good for your home and therefore you should definitely think of having this. You can use this wall art in the living room with a minimalist interior design.

As mentioned before, rustic country wall decor with animals are inspired by real farmhouse lives and style. A main farm animal is the cow and therefore rustic farmhouse art designs with a cow is always very suitable for a country theme. This country decor art with a saying “Life is Beautiful” is very nice for your front porch or the kitchen. It is even good for the dining room as well. This vintage decor art will be very soothing to look at when you are entering your home or cooking your meals in the kitchen.

This is another cool wall art that represents a farm animal, the chicken. This farmhouse wall canvas is a portrait-oriented design that is quite attractive. Farmhouses are mostly made with wood plank walls and this artwork shows exactly how a wall of a country home looks like. This farmhouse wood wall art can blend so well with your home decor items as it is a very natural-looking wall art design. The window of the drawing is very realistic with depth and your visitors might mistake it for an actual mirror too.

Here we have a very modern abstract art that is suitable for a farmhouse theme. This multi-piece large wall farmhouse decor design shows a blue flower when joined together. It might not seem directly like a farmhouse style art but this is a good country themed art for a modern home that needs a touch of farm style.

When you want to see the real look of a farmhouse, this is the choice for you. This wall art design shows a very rural barn of a farm. Barn images are always attractive and very close to nature and therefore you will love this. This is a large country wall decor item which you could use to comfortably decorate an entire wall by itself. When you see this barn, it reminds you of a calm and serene atmosphere, as it serves as a gentle reminder of the countryside’s natural beauty.

These exclusive versions of farm style photos are the way to go, whether they’re hung behind the couch in the living room or over the bed in the master bedroom. These modern farmhouse prints works of art can be shown on the wall as glass framed wall art. These three country pictures for walls will be very nice to be placed in any of your rooms .

Is someone you meet getting married and you’re stumped on what to get them? The response you’ve been looking for is finally here! With a personal touch of the newlyweds surname and year of marriage shown in an imaginative way, this wooden piece of wall art makes a lovely gift in both sentiment and design. It shows a very attractive country home near a stream that is something like a dream home for many people.

This dark background supports this cute white and fluffy calf, which is set on a sky pattern in black and gray. Try including one of the barn’s favorite buddies with this little calf for the best farmhouse wall art. This adorable calf reveals her sweet side while wearing a beautiful set of horns and mauve colored fur coat over the eyes and looking intently into your eyes in her dainty portrait.

Here we have an extremely beautiful highly color-saturated multi-piece large farmhouse wall art design of a real farm and a barn. This very rural barn is set on a background of brightly colored evening sky which is simply fabulous to look at. The multiple pieces of the farm wall art have different dimensions which makes it more artistic. You will definitely love this when you see the real interior design that you could do with this magnificent artwork. See the images below to understand this.

You will love seeing this wall decor item at your home too.

Do you want to make your home more interesting by adding a conversation piece? Look no further than this illuminated wall art is four pieces. This piece of wall art, a modern take on the traditional wall designs, illuminates an interior route down the hall or a cozy corner of a reading nook. This artistic display is unlike any other in terms of wall hanging decor. This wall art design shines and offers a warm and welcoming welcome to visitors, with warm and golden bronze colors that seem to flow like a rushing river.

A very magnificent country look is in this real life image. Your eyes would be relaxed with just one look into this canvas wall art design. This is one of my favorite modern farmhouse wall art designs in our own collection. Your living room wall will turn into a brilliant window into the natural countryside with this wall art on it. There would be no doubt that everyone who visits your home will love and talk about this decor item for a long time.

This horizontal aero plane patch sign is taking up space in your home and heart. The rusty orange of the plane and the antique look add just the right burst of color against the white washed wood backdrop. This weathered-looking modern farmhouse wall art sign, framed with black corner embellishments, will be the ideal seasonal decor for fall or hand-picked reward for your farmhouse living room. Whatever you choose, one of the best farmhouse wall art seasonal pieces will put a little bit of the old airstrip look inside.

HOW DO YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT COLOR FOR YOUR ROOM? Why not start with this unframed farmhouse collection of 6 cow-themed art prints and work your way out? This beige farmhouse wall art series will be the focal point of your space, eliciting a lot of compliments and inspiring conversation when friends come over.
A BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART FOR YOUR BATHROOM, Dining ROOM, Study, HOME OFFICE, OR DORMITORY. With their sleek and eclectic style, these retro barn cow posters will add color to your gallery wall or photo collage.
It comes with an industry-standard size and is READY TO BE FRAMED. 810-inch frames are available in a variety of styles.

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Glossy canvas of exceptional quality and long-lasting longevity High-resolution printing with the new state-of-the-art color technology guarantees sharp and vibrant images every time. For a sharp, high-resolution picture, professional artwork is used. The canvas has been spread (gallery wrapped) over 1 1/5” (3cm) wood frames and is ready to hang with hooks.

Giclee artwork printed on archival grade waterproof canvas. Ideal for use in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, restaurant, dining room, office, bathroom, and bar, among other places. A black hook is already fixed on the wooden bar on each panel canvas painting, ready to hang right out of the box. The staples or tacks were hidden behind neat flannel on the back. We only give you high-quality wall art.

High-resolution photo prints on canvas with vibrant color on dense, high-quality canvas to recreate the look and feel of the original nature and masterpiece. This piece of art is already framed and ready to hang, with a large hook attached to each panel for easy hanging. In order to produce an especially decorative effect, the side margins are also printed. Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions. A thoughtful gift for those looking to spruce up their living room or college students looking to add a stylish decorative touch to their dorm room. A brightly colored and attractively framed canvas that will grab people’s attention.

High-definition photo prints on canvas with vibrant color on dense, high-quality canvas to create the look and feel of an original natural masterpiece. This painting is already spread on a wooden frame and has hooks on each panel for simple hanging right out of the box. In order to produce an especially decorative effect, the side margins are also printed. Canvas Wall Art and Canvas Paintings are a contemporary way to brighten your home’s walls and unwind after a long day at work. It will captivate whoever sees it, no matter where it is hung.

Look how this wall art can be used in real life to beautify your walls with these images.

There is no difference in the product itself since it is a canvas print, not a hand-painted painting; however, colors can appear slightly different to each consumer due to individual monitors. Each canvas print panel is already stretched on solid wooden frames and comes with a hook attached, then placed in a plastic bag before being shipped in a solid master carton. Canvas print with extra mirrored border, printed in high resolution on quality thick artist premium canvas.

Here are some more Wall Art Farmhouse Decor Ideas for your Home

With today’s modern farmhouse style, mixing old and new decor has never been more interesting or easier! In this collection, you’ll find some of the best farmhouse wall art. There is an endless list of materials that work well in the construction of these designs, ranging from shiplap to metal. Looking for a way to freshen up an old space or dreaming up a new one? With these fun and imaginative farmhouse pieces on this store, the sky is the limit.

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Best Farmhouse Kitchen Pantry Set Designs

Farmhouse kitchen pantry main

When you are designing your country-style home, one of the most important components is kitchen decor and kitchen storage. The best way of organizing your kitchen storage needs is to have farmhouse kitchen pantry sets. Rustic pantries allow you to decorate your kitchen while completing your decorations at the same time. These are a type of cabinet organizers that allows you to keep all your kitchen appliances and utensils and glassware in one place without cluttering your entire space. These are better than kitchen racks because the storage space in racks are not enough for everything. The shelves for kitchen are good for small appliances, dray rack for dishes and most suitable for kitchen decor because decor items should be visible to the entire kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen pantry sets will help you to have a very organized and attractive kitchen storage space for all of your extra things. The size of your kitchen or the pantry storage doesn’t matter because the entire decoration space will be compensated when you organize correctly. These will be the most perfect kitchen organizer items for your beautiful home. If you don’t have a good kitchen pantry storage, the entire kitchen will be a complete mess because everything you keep in the kitchen will be on tabletops and on top of the other appliances. Therefore you might want to consider about how you are going to decorate your kitchen before you bring in other required things for the kitchen.

Keep all of the kitchen essentials and farmhouse kitchenware that you have accessible and organized with this kitchen pantry storage. Modern-style white farmhouse pantry will easily fit in with any style of room decor. Open cupboard organizers are always good as storage space and closed pantry compartments and drawers offer plenty of space to accommodate your kitchen essentials organized. The countertop is perfect to keep your microwave and all your decor items as well and other small appliances handy. Simplify and organize your kitchen utensils and get your valuable space back!

Reinvent your entryway to your kitchen with the cozy charm of this shoe cabinet. This kitchen storage organizer is comprised of sturdy wood finished in a stunning natural oak brown hue. Three shelves, behind a pair of doors, provide storage for around 9 pairs of shoes, depending on size. Requiring assembly, the This kitchen cabinet storage is fitted with paneled wood doors that lend a warm farmhouse aesthetic. An ideal solution for busy entryways, the attractive shoe cabinet is an excellent addition to any home.

The superb cupboard organizer cabinet enhances your kitchen with its convenient design. Made with elegant and quality wood, the farmhouse kitchen pantry is comprised of a cool and elegant wood frame showcasing a natural oak brown finish. Three open shelves, four silverware drawer organizers, and one drawer provide secure and tight storage space and create a stunning display for your kitchen essentials. Requiring assembly, the Patterson features an open back for easy cord management of kitchen appliances. Square black knobs and rounded black legs lend a modern look, making the Patterson kitchen cabinet an exceptional addition to the modern home.

This is the farmhouse pantry microwave stand to end all of your storage problems. This beautiful and attractive Home Source Gray Microwave Stand contains spacious Top and Bottom Cabinets that will provide you with all the space for storage you need to make your country-style kitchen perfectly organized. This elegantly designed pantry cupboard is made of wood in a washed-out gray color finish. It features a cabinet-style top part with glass-windowed wooden doors. The interior of the cabinet top contains two shelves for your small kitchen items. The main shelf has large space even for a microwave unit or it can be used as extra space for your decorative items. Two lower drawers immediately below the storage space are great for small items, and the lowest cabinets can be used to store larger kitchenware like pots and pans. If you’re not satisfied with your current kitchen space and you need to organize your kitchen, this country-style rustic wooden stand will give you all the storage space you need.

Perfect for your beautiful farmhouse style kitchen, small apartment, or office break room and it will look cute and nice for any table-top. This whitewashed wood farmhouse-style countertop storage pantry cabinet is a great way to keep your bathroom or kitchen in a well-organized manner and add a touch of attractive vintage accent to your kitchen décor. Perfect for storing quick food items and condiments by placing this on your kitchen table, or for keeping beauty products. This pantry cabinet can be placed comfortably on any vanity, dresser, table, or countertop surface and provide you with ample storage space. Additional items can be stored on the top of the cabinet too. Its interior space features doors that swing out easily, each with a clear glass window so that you can easily view its contents.

This is the fantastic answer FOR your small storage SPACE in the kitchen. Do you want to expand and increase your storage space in your kitchen? This tall and handsome standing cabinet occupies only a small amount of valuable floor space while offers ample storage space for your kitchen and also it is ideally cool for your small apartment or room. This country style cabinet makes full use of limited space and offers affordable storage solutions for the kitchen and also all your other rooms like bedroom and living room or dining room.
A switchable shelving storage rack for three spacious shelves and two large drawers expand your storage space. Also, you can change the position of the drawer according to your different needs, with plenty of storage space for you to arrange your towels, plants, or cosmetics, the versatile cabinet will make your home tidier.

Storage cabinet with Clean and attractive and stylish design will reinvent your home with an attractive elegant look. This drawer chest will look great and hold a lot (clothes & cosmetics) in living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom. Ideal for small spaces such as apartments, condos, and university dorm rooms

Do you have a lack of space to organize your living area? This cabinet offers ample storage space while giving your bathroom, hallway or kitchen a natural charm. RELIABLE QUALITY: Our farmhouse style cabinet is made of premium MDF (P2 grade), which promises a long service life; lacquered surface feels smooth to the touch.
HASSLE-FREE STORAGE: Large drawer keeps everything in order and accessible; and 3 height settings of the shelf behind the door for items of different sizes.

The embodiment of elegance, The colonial classics collection by Home Styles provides a sophisticated retreat. Creating the kitchen of your Dreams with beautiful craftsmanship such as Mahogany solids and cherry veneers, impressive picture frame moldings and turned bun feet. Physically distressed using techniques such as worm holes and season splits adding further interest and character to this collection. Accessorized with antique pewter finished hardware and a cultured Dark Cherry finish. The pantry features four adjustable storage shelves and one storage drawer. Designed to accommodates large food items such as oversized cereal boxes.

For more counter and storage space, the Dorel Living Kitchen Island is the small space solution you have been looking for. Whether you want an extra surface to chop vegetables while prepping meals or need a convenience spot to keep all of your kitchen accessories at hands reach, this kitchen island has got you covered. The island features a solid wood top allowing for convenient additional work space in your kitchen or dining area. It has a drawer and cupboard with attractive silver handles to help you store your kitchen essentials. The built-in towel bar and spice rack provide easy access to utensils and other accessories. The casters on this portable island allow you to easily move the cart at any time, and can be locked into place for added safety. The stylish design of the Dorel Living Kitchen Island provides a subtle yet spacious storage option for your kitchen. Available in multiple colors.

More Farmhouse Kitchen Pantry Products for You

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