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Best Country Area Rugs for Living Room and Country Carpet Designs

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When you want to decorate your home floor, you will have several good options such as wood panel finish, floor paints, and Ceramic tiles. But the best and most attractive option will be to use country area rugs which are suitable for all the rooms of your home. However, the best location to have these rugs is your living room where you all spend most of your time at home. This is the location where your guests will be when they come to your place. Therefore you can use area rugs for living room to have a very elegant look. Other than the look, country area rugs serve some very useful purposes. Because of this, rugs are a very important aspect of country decor design.

  • Provide a warm cushion to rest your feet since wood panels and concrete floors and ceramic tiles will be very cold.
  • Reduce the sound of footsteps where it will echo with the walls and will be very unpleasant for the ear.
  • Cover the floor if your living room floor is not very attractive.

It is recommended that you choose the area rugs for the living room when you begin the designing of your home and think of the other decor items such as furniture, curtains, wall decor, and lighting or chandeliers parallel to the rugs. Let’s have a look at some of the best rugs available in our collection and see whether they satisfy your needs.

How do I choose a rug for my living room?

Your living room is always very crowded and at least one person will be available and therefore your area rug should be made with very durable and quality material. More crowded means more dirt. Therefore the color of the floor mat for living room you choose should have a dark color like dark grey or blue. But checkered country area rugs are also good because dirt accumulation will not be shown very much in them. Even if the dirt does accumulate, it will be easy for you to clean the country rugs with darker colors. You could place a rug pad below if you are using soft rugs for living room, which would take care of the slipperiness and also would help in noise reduction by footsteps.

When you want to have the most elegant and best carpet for living room, you could choose a nicely printed design of rugs. Rustic farmhouse area rugs have some very nice looking prints on some of them. For example, our collection has designs like this round rug in living room which has a real Barn door design print on it. Also these printed living room carpet designs will have very quality and comfortable material you would love to feel beneath your feet. Printed living room carpet designs are also good to be laid in your dining room and kitchen since those places attract more attention by everyone who visits your home.

For places with a lot of foot traffic like a hallway or the porch, you might want to use country style rugs with thin material. This is because when everyone walks on the room carpet, you would not want to see your beautiful and cozy rugs getting dirty or torn apart by shoes. Therefore you might want to choose plain rugs or country braided rugs for those locations in your home. The room carpet designs you use here are not intended for comfortability and therefore rough texture is also an added advantage here. This is applied even for the country style dining room because at mealtimes, there will be a lot of people staying in the room for hours and it will keep a lot of traffic on the rugs.

Check out for more rustic farmhouse area rugs ideas here.

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Best Country Living Room Ideas for You

Best Counrty Living Room Ideas

Living room is the main part of a home and it is the place where you spend most of your time. Therefore you need to keep your living room very beautiful and decorating it with country living room ideas is always good especially if your home decor theme is country home decor. You can choose some very good country living room decor items from our vast collection to decorate your home. Preparing a very beautiful country living room is now possible with all of the accessories readily available. Browse around our collection to have some very good country living room ideas for your beautiful home.

Products for a cozy country living room with elegance

How do you build a country style living room?

To build a country style living room, you should first have some basic country living room ideas on how to decorate it. This is because the building structure will not matter if you choose the correct country living room accessories. These accessories may include,

After you have all these country living room accessories, then you can start placing them in correct locations and in good orientation so that the overall look will be very cozy and warm. Having a country style living room is getting closer to natural environment. Therefore you should consider having wood color finish to the floor and very natural non glossy paint on the walls.

You might then want to consider having a nice little fireplace and place your country style sofa sets and country style couches around the fireplace for a more antique look. Choose your country style sofa sets in slightly faded floral pattern designs to add a more natural look. These sofas and couches will be very pleasant looking and relaxing to the eye and comfortable to the body. You could then have some country style centerpieces for your sofa set. This could be a nice country style coffee table or country area rugs. They would integrate very nicely to your country themed living room and give out a very magnificent look.

Then comes one of the most important features of country living room decor. You should have some decorations for the walls because bare walls will never give the impression of a true country home. Country wall decor for the living room should be chosen carefully and should be correctly placed. These wall decors may include country wall art for the living room, antique wall clocks, country wall lamps, country style curtains and some country signs for the living room. Wall decorations may include even some furniture like country cabinet shelves and hanging country vases. You could also hang some antique-looking country mirrors and some woodwork to complete the final touch. The paint job should also be correctly done because country themed living rooms cannot have very vibrant and flashy colors. These vibrant colors will damage the final look of the country theme. Here you should seek advice from a paint expert and choose your colors. You may find which color is best for bedroom here.

Curtains are an accessory that can add more elegancy to your country themed living room. You should choose country style curtains with a modern touch to decorate your living room. Some floral patterns or a solid matt color would be most suitable when you choose country-style curtains for your living room. We have a large collection of country style curtains for you to choose from and decorate your home. Beautiful country living rooms will include all of these carefully considered country living room accessories.

How do you style a farmhouse living room?

Country living room ideas include how to style a farmhouse living room. You don’t always have to limit your country themed living room to very old fashioned and boring looking country living room decor. In fact, you could introduce a modern look and still design a rustic country living room. To do this, the classic country style living room ideas have to be tweaked a little bit and introduce new and modern concepts of decoration. You may choose our country home decor items and mix them up in some creative way to have modern country living room ideas.

For your modern country living room ideas, we will provide some very elegant and luxurious country living room decor and farmhouse style furniture and many other items. Having a very open space with windows opening up to your garden and a relaxing interior design will be very inviting to all the members of your home. You can check out some country living room ideas in our shop.

What can I do instead of a formal living room?

Instead of a formal living room, you can design a country farmhouse living room with very natural looking interior. These types of country farmhouse living rooms will be more comfortable than formal living rooms. You could have some shelves along the walls and then put books in a nice way or else keep some antique ornaments on it. Then of you really want to go out of the way and bring in some very modern items, you could get a very wide television set with sound systems and place them on country style TV stands.

You can find country bedroom ideas here if you like to decorate your bedroom in country style.