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Interior Design Styles and Ideas for Your Home

The main aspect of home design and decoration is the planning of interior design styles for each and every room. Because if incorrectly decorated, you will never feel at home. So how would we decorate and make sure our home interior is beautiful? Let’s find out by looking at some unique interior design styles.

Sunken Reading/ Living Room

lowered interior design

This is a very modern-looking living room/ reading room home interior with a lot going on. But this room looks very minimalist at the same time. The floor is lowered and the sofa is fit into the floor. All the books are stacked on 3 wall shelves that run all around the room. Having glass walls makes sure your eyes are relaxed with the outside view.

Sparkling Interior Living Room Style

sparkling design styles

Speak about a sparkling glassy floor! This living room looks very magical to the eye. A single country-style chandelier attached to the ceiling gives a uniform light to the entire room. This modern interior design has a very extravagant look. The entire room is matched with cream color decorations from the wall paint, curtains to the sofa sets. Home styling Natural plants at the 4 corners add a difference to the overall look.

Golden and Pink Living Room

Golden design styles

This minimalist living room design is majestic to the eye at the first glance. The golden color curtains, throw pillows and the semi-circular wall arch adds a nice glow. The golden color is more contrasted by the pink color paint on the walls. I must say that this color combination looks perfect. The chandelier is an oval shape unique design that matches with the entryway arc.

Dome-Shaped Ceiling Interior style

interior dome ceiling styles

Here we have a dome-shaped home styling ceiling that adds a very unique look. The ceiling fan has the light attached to it and serves as the main light source. 2 sofa sets with wooden finish and 4 single-seaters with metallic bases are grouped around a large wooden table. Dome part houses only the sofa and tables. The TV and the main walls are outside of the dome structure which is smart because it adds more space.

Colorful Living Room

colorful home interior design

This is a very colorful living room with multiple colors and patterns. There is a very unique wall decoration sticker that gives a perfect illusion of an arch window. The real window is behind the sofa and it serves as the lighting source in the daytime. The mirror design modern home decor coffee table in front of a real fireplace and the sofa looks very cozy. The owners have even included a giant sea-shell shape throw pillow to maximize the decoration.

Spacious but Cluttered

cluttered unique design styles

Now obviously this is too much for a living room! It has a more cluttered look and way too many decorations. But this is one of the unique interior design styles and the room looks spacious. So the owner must have thought, “why not use it?”

Bedroom with “Attached Bathtub” Interior Design

interior dark design bedroom styles

This is a modern interior design bedroom with a – Bathtub? The design is entirely of dark wood for the floor, staircase, bed and the walls, even the bathtub. The staircase acts as a partial ceiling for the bed but mostly it is open. The large window opens to the ocean view and wind which is quite nice. I would say this is perfect to spend a very romantic night! The embedded modern home decor lights on the underside of the staircase provide the main light for the bedside.

Natural Beauty embedded Bedroom

natural interior design styles

This is more of a DIY home decor bedroom idea. The ceiling is made of natural bamboo strips and the floor is also of wooden panel finish in this bedroom interior design. The verandah opens to the natural beauty and you can enjoy a peaceful time sitting on the comfy wooden chairs. This home interior design is for nature lovers who want to be surrounded with nature.

Wide Open Space Living Room Interior Design

This Living room design is perfect when you have a very spacious area. The sofa sets are placed around the fireplace for a cozy experience and a large single window opens to the garden for natural light, even in late evenings. There are a lot of country wall decor designs for a more farmhouse touch. As you can see, these owners have chosen a single farmhouse chandelier and 2 wall sconces for the lighting for a grand look.

Interior Design Styles for Ocean View

If you live by the ocean, this is the kind of living room you have to design! It is just mesmerizing just to stare at the ocean from a cozy sofa set and spend your free time. Minimalist living room with Large glass windows allow the entire sunlight and moonlight to fall right into the house. The country vases mixed with seashell decor adds a mixed elegance to the place. Perhaps you would want to have some curtains just to make a more beautiful addition.

For more rustic interior designs, feel free to browse our blog and have much more attractive home styles that you yourself could do.