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Modern Farmhouse Chandelier Designs and How to Use Rustic Chandelier Lighting

modern farmhouse chandelier main

Farmhouse chandelier designs are a really cool and attractive decor item that gives a very cozy and elegant look to your beautiful home. It doesn’t matter if you want to have your entire decor scheme in the decoration of your home to be a farmhouse design or else you just want to have a modern style home with just a bit of rustic farmhouse decor, rustic chandelier lighting can be used for any of your decor needs. Farmhouse style homes are always very adaptive and you can match the rustic farmhouse decor with almost all modern house designs. This is because farmhouse design is very closely related with nature and nature can be paired with anything.

Modern farmhouse light fixtures are the best starting point if you are designing your home from scratch. A very attractive look can be obtained when you use rustic farmhouse-style chandelier sets to light up your modern farmhouse interior. Rustic chandelier lighting will provide a very antique but warm look to your home. You can use wood and metal as the main raw materials to design your modern farmhouse interior and these will look great with large rustic chandeliers because the materials will be matching. A unique country farmhouse chandelier will give a good and attractive focus to anyone who visits your home. As you can clearly see, one main component is missing now. Glass! Glass is a must-have raw material for a farmhouse interior. Country home decor will be incomplete if you do not have enough glass decor.

Let’s have a look at some of the rustic farmhouse light fixtures that you could use to design your modern farmhouse.

10 light large farmhouse chandelier

This farmhouse wood chandelier has a frame made of wood and the wood is treated with a special old-fashioned process. This treatment makes the wood has a very rustic look and can match with your rustic farmhouse dining table. Perfect for your dining room, living room entryway, or over an island and will add charm to your home. The Lights of this rustic wood chandelier are dimmable with a proper electric switch setup.

Deer Antler Design Chandelier

Deer has kindness and gentle and restrained temperament and it is a mascot representing happiness and longevity for the entire natural environment. This large farmhouse chandelier is made out of high-quality resin antlers. These high-quality resin body designs and natural high-strength resin materials make this rustic glam chandelier durable and beautiful. Antler ceiling light is designed with an E12 spiral lamp holder. This chandelier design can be arranged to fit the best of your liking and you will definitely love the final look it adds to your home. The light cast by this vintage farmhouse chandelier is soft and you can keep warming your home and get a warming look to anywhere you fix this. Real antlers of deers are used to model the chandelier design and reproduction for an exact and comparable final outlook. Entertainment from nature is very attractive and antler chandeliers can not only illuminate your country style living room or the farmhouse dining room but also bring you the breath of nature, creating a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere for you, your family, and your visitors.

Farmhouse Drum Style Chandelier

Capturing attention is one of the most important things in decor items and this rustic farmhouse chandelier light fixture makes a very unique imprint in any interior design without stealing valuable floor space. Take this rustic wood chandelier for an example. This chandelier design is the perfect decor lighting idea for lending the natural farmhouse charm of modern country style design to your interior decorations because it is designed with an open wooden frame which is perfectly suitable for instantaneous eye-catching effect and it’s elegant weathered brown finish.

Wooden Stardust Farmhouse Chandelier Light Fixture

HANDMADE WOOD CHANDELIER perfect for modern farmhouse decor. This 6-Light farmhouse foyer light design in the wood and antique look provided by forged iron artisanal finish offers a much more attractive look to your living room. This also brings an affordable and luxurious feeling along with unique American rustic sensations to your sweet country style home. It is perfect for the kitchen, dining room, living room, entryway, hallway, or foyer.

Wooden Chandelier with Clear Glass Shade Rope 

With the elegance of farmhouse dining light design, you can always provide your elegant and very beautiful home a much attractive design lift. This large farmhouse chandelier light combine 6 lights with a large rusted circular wooden fixture. Wooden frame is coupled together with ropes and it expresses its own grandeur on the room. The shabby chic element of this lighting makes a pretty accent to any of your main rooms.

Wood Chandelier Lighting Fixture for Foyer with Crystal Drops

FASHIONALBE and elegant design with crafted and natural solid wood frame in high-grade wood color, this farmhouse chandelier contains a magnificent looking sphere wrapped with rustic country style metal strap It also contains glittering crystal drops which make it a perfect blend of country decor ideas. And this chandelier is easy to handle and install because it is almost assembled when you purchase it. All you need to do is adjusting wood frame, mount the strap, wiring, and hanging it up.

Round Wagon Wheel Light Fixture with Seeded Glass Shades

wagon wheel chandelier
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Timeless wooden wheel CHANDELIER is suitable for an elegant and attractive country style home. This design features a handmade wooden wagon wheel for the chandelier frame and black silver brushed finish provides our rustic chandelier a vintage yet modern farmhouse look. The crystal like seeded glass shades provide this round wagon wheel chandelier a vivid display look. This round farmhouse chandelier will BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME. This vintage chandelier with openwork aesthetic angles can therefore skillfully pair with your space whether for wherever you want to install this masterpiece.

4-Light Modern Rustic Vintage Wooden Farmhouse Chandelier

This chandelier design has an openwork layered structure frame design with 4 layers. The frame is made of hand-made wood and it is with strong black chains which make the Vintage Ceiling chandelier elegant, beautiful, stable and safe. This eye-catching chandelier complements your room with vintage industrial chic.

5-Light Bronze Farmhouse Chandelier Light Fixture with Crystal lampshades

This rustic chandelier of farmhouse design is made of brushed and polished metal and the chandelier is unique in design. It is specially prepared to illuminate your kitchen island, dining room, or any of your home interior.

Farmhouse Chandelier 4 light Candle Pendant

4 Light industrial chandelier is a retro industrial design with elegant black spherical shadow, geometric beauty and delicate sense. This minimalist chandelier has exposed bulbs for bright and cheerful light. Several simple metal circle forms the frame for the chandelier.

Farmhouse Vintage Pendant Lamp Glass Lampshade

In a contrast with more ornate chandeliers, this light fixture has a clean wooden frame which is a very rustic design. In the center of the box, there are several vintage style lights that gives a very much attractive look when you look at it. Robust and practical: the quality of the old wood is good, the wood is hard, the pressure is high, it is not easy to deform and it is not easy to fade. High-gloss glass shade. Industrial vintage style Eight-light chandelier is perfect for Entryways and Restaurant.

Crystals and Bronze Leaves Farmhouse Vintage Chandelier

Vintage industrial elaborate candelabra leaves 4-light chandelier is perfect for farmhouse. This impressive lighting fixture combines a metal leave design frame with multiple crystal chandelier leaves for extra refraction. The crystal is a nod to shabby chic style and brings an elegant, old-fashioned feeling to the light.

Round Crystal Farmhouse Chandelier

Vintage Style chandelier design with sparkling and bevel cut glass and a elegant finish. This crystal ceiling light fixture provides the grand illusion you deserve at its finest. The simple construction of the country style fixture is finished in black metal frame and showcases the K9 clear Raindrop crystal to perfection. This crystal country light set can be fixed with bulbs of any color so you can get a very different look depending on the color of light you prefer.

5 light Circular Wooden Chandelier

Made of wood and metal materials which is surely suitable for the farmhouse concept of your home. This timeless Pendant Light which has an elegant and attractive retro design as a ceiling light will bring brilliance and sparkling elegance to each room. It will help create a romantic atmosphere for your family, lovers, and friends. Perfect for kitchens, over counters and islands, Bar, Cafe, and in hallways, etc.

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