Publishing Policy

You are given access to WordPress tools when you sign up with My Country Home Decor as a “Contributor”. Upon signing up with us, the user agrees with our publishing policy. The following conditions are applied to all activities of any signed-up user.

  • The user will not be able to upload files or images to our website. If the user requires to include images in any post he/she intends to publish with us, the user will upload image files to image hosting servers (eg: Google Drive) and paste the image in the user’s post.
  • All the content that a user shares with our blog should be 100% unique with 0% plagiarism. Any post that violates these conditions will not be published.
  • Users are allowed to create content with us but they are not allowed to publish the content. The moderators of My Country Home Decor will review each and every submitted blog post for the above-mentioned conditions and only valuable content will be published.
  • Users should create content regarding “Home Decor” and “Home Design” only. Any other content creators and spammers will be removed from the website.
  • You are allowed to create back links to your own blog but the links should not be masked with paid link shortners like AdFly or other PPC links. Posts containing these links will be removed.
  • Word count of each post submitted should be more than 600.